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Economic rental data

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    Rental fees: what are they?

    Other ancillary costs are added to the rent amount: some exclusively at the tenant’s expense, others divided between landlord and tenant.

    At the tenant’s sole expense

    • Home insurance: It guarantees the tenant’s liability to the landlord in case of damage such as water damage, fire or explosion.
    • The security deposit: To guarantee unpaid rent, as compensation for damages made by the tenant,…). The amount of the security deposit may not exceed the value of two months’ rent in the event of a furnished rental, and only one month in the context of an empty tenancy.
    • The residential tax: at the expense of the tenant occupying on1  January of the current year.

    Rental costs divided between tenant and landlord

    Apart from the security deposit, home insurance, and finally the housing tax, other charges weigh on the tenant. But unlike these first three, their acquittal is divided between the tenant and the lessor:

    At the beginning of the lease, the costs of visiting the accommodation, the fees for the drafting of the lease agreement, the costs of setting up the file by the agency, and finally the costs for the realization of the state of the places of entry.

    As for the costs borne by the owner: the property tax, all municipal taxes related to the building, as well as repair and work costs related to the building.

    Recoverable rental costs:  paid by the landlord, who recovers their amount from the tenant

    The TOM or household waste collection tax (included in the property tax), current expenses related to housing (water, electricity, etc.) and expenses for small routine maintenance.

    To ensure payment of these expenses, the tenant is required to pay monthly provisions accumulated in the amount of the rent.

    At the end of the year, the owner deducts the total amount of recoverable expenses on these provisions. If this decalcation reveals an over-perceived, then it is obliged to pay the tenant the difference.

    Otherwise, the lessor is entitled to demand a supplement to the provisions collected.

    The law of July 6, 1989 provides for a list of recoverable expenses on the tenant, as well as a list of repairs that are the responsibility of the tenant.

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