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Holiday rental

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    A rental is called “seasonal” when it meets a transient need of a certain clientele in search of short-term furnished accommodation. Seasonal rental is therefore a form of rental in which duration plays a key role.

    The holiday rental agreement is thus a short-term lease between a landlord and a tenant known as a “taker”. Ambiguities may arise in the terms used. Seasonal rentals are often equated with, or even confused, with holiday rentals, and in practice, these two concepts cover a single reality, namely a short-term lease offered to a passing clientele.

    A vacation rental is necessarily a furnished rental. An empty dwelling cannot therefore be the subject of a seasonal rental.

    The reason is quite simple: the holidaymaker or tourist eventually opts for seasonal accommodation to have relative comfort during his short stay in a given place. This therefore excludes offering the holidaymaker accommodation that is not equipped with the bare necessities.

    The holiday rental contract is presented as a furnished lease agreement, which is particularly flexible in terms of its scheme. This explains its spectacular boom in recent years in France.

    Increased demand has led more and more homeowners to use it, with this type of rental generating substantial income. The flip side of the coin is that this craze is generating many disputes and scams at vacation rentals, it is important to be very vigilant about the reliability and veracity of the offers to which you respond.

    All legal and practical contours related to the said holiday rental must therefore be well framed from the outset, including the description of the rental. Indeed, the state of the entrance and exit places makes it possible to ensure that the rental is in such condition at the start and in the same on arrival.

    The process of cancelling the booking must also have been well validated by both parties: if the conditions have been clearly stated, mentioned and validated by the tenant and the landlord from the outset, this avoids further conflicts that are harmful to each of the parties involved.

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