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JUAN LES PINS is more than a seaside resort with dreamy beaches and a serene climate, it is also a family living place ideally located in a beautiful region.

In close proximity to the attractions of the great city of NICE, and the festivals of CANNES, but also sheltered from the historic ramparts of ANTIBES, for lovers of the authenticity of the old stones and the charm of the singing accent of the country, everyone finds themselves there, and can live at their own pace:

Stroll through the Provençal market of old Antibes on Sunday mornings snacking on a piece of socca, drink an espresso on the terrace in the sun, breathe the vegetable and iodine scents on the Iles de Lérins (barely 15 minutes by shuttle), or bathe, as do the bravest, at least 10 months out of 12.

And we can’t talk about JUAN LES PINS without mentioning the picturesque walks of the Cap d’Antibes, such as the ‘tire-poil’ trail that runs along the sea from the bay of GAROUPE to the villa EILEN ROC, this magnificent residence that its owner Madame BEAUMONT contributed in 1982 to the town of Antibes Juan les Pins, matching its donation with specific conditions, the use of the property by the city for exhibitions, the opening of its gardens to the public, of which part is an exciting and wonderful rose garden.

What region can offer you the pleasures of mountain biking, hiking or skiing, just an hour and a half away, and in the same day a stroll by the beach at sunset!

The natives know this well, they do not sulk at their pleasure, and few are the ones that do not return when they have been forced to leave the area.

Buying a property in JUAN LES PINS is the dream of many, and all these dreams put side by side have contributed to the social and cultural economic development of our beautiful region PROVENCE ALPES COTE D’AZUR over the last 30 years, including the huge growth of SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, both at in terms of international companies integrating and the development of housing, but also thanks to schools, universities, and other international business schools. Road infrastructure has developed at the same time, and getting to school or work is becoming easier, no matter where you come from, with buses, and very soon the bus-tram.

Living in JUAN LES PINS has become a real family project that is achievable.

In this optimistic context, we work every day to find solutions to these projects, to meet the specific research criteria of each, this is our challenge every day.

You like elegance and sobriety, beautiful services, you prefer to find a property to refurnish or renovate, we have been working for a long time with recognized professionals who will advise you to in order for you to meet your expectations, for renovation and for decoration, to install a kitchen or a bathroom, to move fences, or to realize a landscaped garden. , or build a swimming pool with its pool house.


We invite you to discover our investment opportunities in Juan les Pins on the French Riviera.

Tanit Immobilier accompanies you in your future investment.

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