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The benefits of home staging - Tanit Immobilier

The benefits of home staging

Have you always been waiting for this big moment? Make your apartment look the best to sell it! Home staging is the action of bringing the most beautiful aspect of your property to light. Whether it is decoration or renovation, all means are good to improve the value of your property. Thanks to the different techniques that improve your interior, your property could be sold in a short delay and at...

Selling at distance - Tanit Immobilier

Selling at distance

Are you Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch, English or from another European country and have you ever wondered how to combine the sale / purchase of a property abroad with your inability to travel? Sale and distance purchase are possible at Tanit Immobilier. The agency has implemented measures to encourage buying and selling for all , regardless of geographic distances. From another city, another...

Evaluate your rental property before advertising it online - Tanit Immobilier

Evaluate your rental property before advertising it online

Are you planning to rent your property in the Juan-les-Pins, Golfe-Juan and Antibes sectors? First of all, you need to estimate the rental value of your apartment / house in order to be in tune with the current market. We explain to you… Why have your home evaluated before renting? Rent too high, non-compliant diagnoses: if individuals are often tempted to manage the rental of their property...

5 Tips to quickly sell your property - Tanit Immobilier

5 Tips to quickly sell your property

With more than 20 years of experience, our Tanit Immobilier agency knows how to quickly sell a property in the Juan-les-pins, Antibes and Golfe-Juan sectors. Our clients all face the same difficulty: they don't know where to start.Since our role is to support you in all stages of the sale, we will give you 5 valuable tips to help you prepare your accommodation. 5 valuable tips to help you prepare...

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