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Selling at distance

Selling at distance - Tanit Immobilier

Are you Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch, English or from another European country and have you ever wondered how to combine the sale / purchase of a property abroad with your inability to travel?

Sale and distance purchase are possible at Tanit Immobilier. The agency has implemented measures to encourage buying and selling for all , regardless of geographic distances. From another city, another region or even another country, we are able to carry out your project .

1. The visit

When you are looking for an apartment, it is most often during the visit that you make decisions. Thanks to it, you can see the layout of the apartment, the brightness, the space, things that are sometimes difficult to capture through photographs.

The virtual visit is a new tool that has revolutionized the way we work. Without leaving your home, from your sofa, your smartphone, with your family, at work, watch the 3D video of the property for which you are interested. Although geographically distant, this new dimension allows a real projection inside the property , in an immersive way. You are now moving in the good, as if you were really there!

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Thanks to our professional device (see dedicated article), it is possible to obtain high-definition photos, plans with measurements and a 3-dimensional video on request.

This type of interactive content allows you to visit the property remotely . The real estate agent can therefore send you the virtual video of the property, or you can also organize a videoconference with him to visit the property and interact in real time. So you can open closets, windows, see from floor to ceiling. In short, no more unpleasant surprises, you no longer move for good.

2. Signing official documents

Most often, our customers pose the problem of not being able to travel to sign. This is no longer a problem thanks to the electronic signature!

Mandate, compromise or even signature of an authentic act , the electronic signature allows you to sign a document officially, directly from your mailbox with a secure system .

Article 4 of the law of March 13, 2000 defines the electronic signature in “the use of a reliable process of identification guaranteeing its link with the act to which it is attached”. It therefore frames the signature in an official and legal way, to guarantee the editor as well as his signatory.

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From a distance, you can choose to opt for a simple or exclusive mandate , as you would in an agency. We fill the mandate together with all the information and after validation of this, you can sign the document electronically and then send it back to us.

We each have the document that binds us. This mandate is legally valid as well as a handwritten signature.

In the event that a virtual visit would have won you over, or if you are a foreign seller, the signing of the distance selling agreement is also possible!

The real estate agent supervises the relationship between seller and buyer, so we are able to establish the drafting of a sales agreement in good conditions and thus organize an electronic signature than that either with the seller, the buyer, or both.

Sending the document by post is also possible, but electronic signature remains the most secure way to sign an official document. The loss can thus be avoided and the delay is reduced. Indeed, the electronic signature takes the time of a click , customers and seller can sign the document in a few minutes, which facilitates exchanges and accelerates the sales process.

The real estate agent maintains long-distance relationships with the different notaries. Phone calls, videoconferences, email exchanges, you don’t need to be on site to supervise the sale / purchase of your property. Tanit Immobilier takes care of it for you. Our agency supervises you from your first contact, until the signing of the authentic deed and provides after-sales follow-up, by offering you our even years later.

For the signing of the deed, it is we who manage the relations with your notary and by the same process, we can proceed to an electronic signature remotely.

This document is valid just as if you had come to your notary, except that you can do it directly from at home !

3. Strengths for the seller

All situations are now possible thanks to remote purchasing procedures for foreign customers. Sellers are also concerned for the sale of their goods internationally. Tanit Immobilier offers you many advantages.

By entrusting us with your property for distance selling, we guarantee you a sale in all simplicity with a complete “turnkey” service .

We manage: the sale of your property, its multicasting through our advertising software, customers interested in your property, visits, the guarantee of a safe apartment during your absence thanks to our frequent visits, etc.

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Once the mandate is signed, we don’t leave you alone.

After each visit you receive a detailed account of customer reviews, an analysis of the consultation reports of your property by potential buyers, we regularly discuss about the strengths and weaknesses of your apartment / house and up to at the signing of the deed, we take care of making the meter readings during a revisit, etc.

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No more having to manage visits, frequent calls and specific information yourself. Tanit Immobilier guarantees you incomparable tranquility.

Selling at distance - Advices - Tanit Immobilier

Need more information on these steps or making an appointment? Please complete the contact form and one of our agents will contact you within a few days to inquire.

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