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Evaluate your rental property before advertising it online

Evaluate your rental property before advertising it online - Tanit Immobilier

Are you planning to rent your property in the Juan-les-Pins, Golfe-Juan and Antibes sectors? First of all, you need to estimate the rental value of your apartment / house in order to be in tune with the current market. We explain to you…

Why have your home evaluated before renting?

Rent too high, non-compliant diagnoses: if individuals are often tempted to manage the rental of their property themselves, the adventure can be perilous.

With notifications by email / sms and intensive searches, future tenants are very active on the platforms and your ad has certainly already been spotted.

If at the outset, your rent was incorrectly assessed, you run the risk of not finding a taker, the rental being dragged on, and inevitably, you will eventually lower the rent as you go along to get closer to the price. more just.

Yes, but an apartment or house ad that keeps coming up in the search results and which tends to modify its rental conditions, wouldn’t that be doubtful?

Even if your ad is honest and reliable, you run the risk of losing the attention and trust of connected tenants. Also, if all of your diagnoses are not in conformity, you will be responsible in the event of an incident and your future tenant could turn against you.

To prevent the rental of your property from becoming a nightmare, we recommend that you entrust the management to professionals. They know the market better than anyone and will be able to give you valuable advice to optimize your chances of renting as quickly as possible, in the best conditions.

Rent Your Property In All Serenity With Tanit Immobilier

So that you can focus on your other projects, our agency offers you a tailor-made offer for rental management:

Assessment of the property according to its geographical sector, support for landlords and advice in the type of rental (rental furnished or not with the advantages and disadvantages that this presents), verification of diagnostics, rent at fair price, careful selection of your future tenants, guarantee unpaid rents…

Tanit Immobilier puts its expertise at your service and offers you to estimate your property for free in the sectors of Juans-les-pins, Golfe-Juan and Antibes.


Are you looking for a real estate agency in the Juan-les-pins, Golfe-Juan or Antibes sectors and would you like to be accompanied by a team of professionals to quickly rent your property? Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone on, our team will be happy to guide you.

The valuation of your rental property is free by filling in the form below:


Support, diagnostics and optimizations for the rental of your property.

Evaluate your rental property before advertising it online - Advices - Tanit Immobilier

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