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Different types of rentals

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    In France as elsewhere, real estate leasing has grown to such an extent that the law of the lease has at the same time experienced an unprecedented increase.

    From the general lease regime in the Civil Code to the specific regimes applicable to different types of leases, (housing, commercial professional) real estate leasing has attracted the attention of lawyers, economists, politicians, and real estate professionals.

    The field of real estate leasing has naturally diversified due to economic and social needs. To meet these needs, concepts such as “social housing” for people with modest incomes, “furnished housing” for those who are unable to furnish an apartment, land rentals also, to meet a specific need, or parking, with the increased problems of city centres.

    Similarly, depending on the intended use of the leased property, or the duration of the planned rental, it may be a main residence, a student rental for the duration of the school year, a short-term rental for the holidays.

    Within the seasonal rental, there is a rather special type of rental, carried out free of charge in almost the majority of cases: the exchange of houses. This new practice tends to become progressive and argues for a new type of holiday, based certainly on a concern for financial savings but also on a new type of holiday, to discover a life in the home.

    Other types of rentals are more in the professional field.

    For example, apartments are often rented for companies. The rules are also special for commercial space rentals.

    Accommodations can be classified as TWO BIG CATEGORIEs: those that already have furniture, and those that do not provide them on the date of signing the lease.

    We are talking respectively about FURNISHED RENTAL  and  EMPTY RENTAL.

    Each of these types of rentals follows a different legal regime.

    The classification of the real estate lease may also depend on whether it is a new dwelling, or an old dwelling. The main differences are in the energy performance of the building, and concern the possibility of real estate challenges.

    See details of each type of rental:

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