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Office rentals

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    The “office” is generally a furnished space that is not used for production, goodwill or even less for the sale of goods.

    There are three types of office rental leases:

    • Short-term lease
    • commercial lease
    • professional lease.

    Short-term lease

    It is generally used for premises located within business centers. It is stipulated for a maximum of 2 years, non-renewable. Its main advantage is that the rent is set at the conclusion of the lease and is not reviewable.

    Its main drawback is that it does not have the right to automatic renewal.

    Commercial lease

    Despite the fact that such a lease is in principle reserved only for merchants and craftsmen, professionals practicing liberal trades also have the opportunity to subscribe to it with the agreement of the lessor. For the professional, renting an office under the commercial lease will have many advantages. The main residents on the duration of the lease (9 years minimum), the right to automatic renewal of the lease, or the right to receive a severance pay in the event of termination.

    Professional lease

    Unlike the other two, this type of lease allows you to rent the premises for at least 6 years. Although less protective than the commercial lease regime, the professional lease still has the advantage of being more flexible.

    Regardless of the type of lease, each of the parties involved has a certain number of rights and duties: there are certain obligations of the office owner to be scrupulously respected just as there are certain obligations of the office tenant to be respected equally conscientiously. 

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